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Welcome to IRS Tax Solutions

We specialize in taking on your worrisome personal or business-related tax issues and providing the personal support you deserve. We provide competent representation before the Internal Revenue Service for taxpayers who are anguishing over answering to the government for years of delinquent or unfiled returns, liens, garnished wages, audits, levies, back taxes, settlements and more.

As part of our time-tested expertise in helping taxpayers breathe easy across the country, we take a multilateral approach to providing resolution. We provide unique, strategic methods, including a free confidential consultation, to help you identify your tax problems and work toward pinpointing the reasons why the IRS is causing you so much distress, sleeplessness and to work off the books, among other things. We then take you through the proper legal steps to achieve the desired outcome.

The end result is setting you free of troublesome tax problems, and putting a smile back on your face again.

IRS Tax Solutions’ diverse offerings and personal touch have made us a longtime favorite among taxpayers in the Southeast Virginia area who are facing any number of tax issues. When you contact us for tax remedies, you can count on dealing directly with a licensed professional, not a secretary. And, you can count on your answers being provided with honesty and in full because we are committed to resolving things the right way.

Time is of essence in dealing with the IRS, so call us right away!

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Why choose IRS Tax Solutions?

  • Experienced
    We boast a lengthy and successful record in helping clients achieve the tax remedies they desire.
  • Results
    Our company doesn’t just attempt to assist taxpayers with their worrisome issues, it provides a mutually satisfactory resolution with the IRS, with speed and efficiency.
  • Competent
    We are experts in the tax field, able to skillfully resolve a wide range of complex tax problems related to the IRS’s Enforced Collection procedures.
  • Professionals
    Our company prides itself on providing certified and licensed tax relief specialists at your disposal.
  • Accessible
    We are dedicated to always being there for our clients, providing confidential consultation and assistance in an affordable, friendly way.

Tax Solutions of Virginia, LLC is a private enterprise and not affiliated with the Internal Revenue Services. We do not guarantee specific results and results may very on a case to case basis.